Some Random News, unreleased, Words.

1) For some weird reason, some Gold Seedlings and Storks are coming.  Almost certain some farmcash is gonna be involved.

2) A new buildable is on the way, this one harvests for Flower food.   Don't care about flower food, don't build it.  But surely do not complain they force you to build it.

3) Some more Farm Games related items are on the way, Specifically this Cow, Calf, and Pair of Trees!
Bravo to them for twisting the Olympic Rings into a Paw Print.

4) Quests, are Very beloved!  So Good news for those that are digging the Jade Falls quests, gonna have at least up to Chapter 13 in that story before it ends

5) Leaderboards: How quickly do people want to know these things, generally we can kinda tell a number of days early, but hold off due to possible changes.

6) This weeks Open Farm Quest, Well we assume we will have one, but as of now, No info is known, except someone, somewhere, will complain because Zynga Forces them to do the Quests.

7) I'm totally about to go eat at McAlister's on Gunbarrel Road. 

8) Win Bobs Millions Update: So far not everyone that won has answered my friend request, Shocking I know.  But those that did, I'll be sending their goodies out tonight.  And the 2nd Part will also be happening tonight.

9) Artwork from Bob to support the site: I've mentioned a few times I've just been overwhelmed with school this summer to get them all painted up and mailed, but a few more are done, and I hope to make a number of people smile in August.  And maybe even do a second batch.  Of course these are all numbered because My artistic Ability is *horrible*.

10) A number of humans have told me they have been playing Farmville for 4 or 5 Years.  I asked them the lottery numbers, they didn't seem to understand. 

<– I totally sometimes rock the lime green shirt with the Huge number 3 in my hand.

How To get rid of that Blue Fish that comes with the Swimming Pond.

So someone posed a question of how to get rid of  From their Swimming Pond, on a farm that didn't have another body of water to shove it in.  Well the easy solution is to remove it, directly to storage, and either leave it there, or sell it.  Otherwise if you leave it in there, its possible it'll be what your mystery baby turns into, and that sounds like a bad time.

Blooms: Question, plus a few upcoming Blooms

The replacement for Perfect Bunches have been out for a little while now, and do not show any sign of stopping.  With a total of at least 30 different pairs either out or on the way, it seems like these must be selling pretty well for Zynga to keep making them.

What are your thoughts on them?  Do you buy any of the Cash/Limited ones, or are you pleased with whatever you get from mystery bulbs?  Any flowers you are looking for that haven't been made yet? 


It's almost a given at the rate they are releasing these, that a Mastery Sign billboard will show up at some point.

Above are the images of the Purple Aster, both Hydrangeas, and the Cardinal Flower,

I'm pretty sure by the end of the year we will be approaching 100 Pairs of Blooms.

Slight Change to how we tell you of quest stuffs.

So above is a screen shot showing the side bar "Current Quests" area.

As you can see it now has 3 listings instead of the 1 it used to.

So here are what each of those are.

All Quests works just like it used to, it shows you EVERY post tagged as Quest related.

Jade Farm Only Shows Only the CURRENT Jade Falls Quest (and also maybe the next one)  (once the 7th Farm happens, the focus of this link will change)

Open Farm is for the other Non farm specific quests, such as the Current Spaced and Spy questlines.  This like the Jade link are intended to be updated to only show the Current ones and possibly sneaks at future ones.

State of the FvNation: Read if you at least semi care about Bob and/or

So A short "state of the FvNation" post. 

The State of the FvNation is not as strong as it has been in the past (being honest)

The site sadly is not getting the attention it used to.  Which is stunting growth and also making it harder to justify the working on any extra features: IE Egg Contents, Mystery Babies, Reference Material etc.

From analyzing the data that I get from Facebook and the site host, the issue is that website is not being visited.  Combined with Comments from some users, the changes to how Facebook displays things to those that have liked the page.  And I have tried a number of times to get folks to realize there is a legit reason I ask them to Like, Share, and Comment posts if possible. 

Because the FvNation is on its way to the trash heap. 

With more Likes, Shares, and comments on Fan page posts, Facebook will allow more people to see content, which will result in more effort being funneled into the requests of folks, IE: Tips, Tree Guide, Mystery Egg Guide, Etc.

On the Artwork Drive, I had hoped to have them all painted and shipped in June.  But the honest truth, is I've been overwhelmed with my classes, trying to solve the site failing, and a number of personal issues that I'm not going to elaborate on. 

For those that are not aware, I'm a Full Time Chemical Engineering College Student.  I am currently the only really active author for the website.  I do not have a home.  I am a stranger in a strange land.  Aka Where I am I don't really know lots of folks.  I give all the time I can to the site.  Then I give a bit more.  Yet lately the effort has been for almost nothing.

What I'm asking is

1) You as the reader Come to the Site ( the site being Semi Often.  Meaning don't wait to hopefully see a post from the fanpage, since Facebook hates me since I dont give them money to advertise.

2) When you see a fan page post (or go to the fan page at ) like, comment and share if you don't mind. 

So lets beat Facebook by having the site still grow, and have more features that have been asked for!

I have turned down an offer in the past week to sell the domain to someone else who intends to use it for less than good reasons.  I am quite hopeful that you my friends, will help keep the site going by showing it a little more attention.  Please?


I hope in August when the big site fun is going on, I can report that the site isn't close to dead.

Bob, Hungry Broke College Student, The Adventure Continues AKA I need you.

Note: You will want to click on the thing to sort from High To low, and then I'm the guy with the backwards Hat, redbeard, and Bumblebee Antenna.  And dont click on my photo, just click on Vote from the gallery.  Because they broke something.  Thanks buddies.

So once again my friends of the FvNation, I call upon you and all your kindness.  To help me in being a winner, instead of being, the loser. 

The other day Chick-Fil-A had a day of dressing like a cow in exchange for food.  Of which required my showing up as the BumbleCow. 

Also they are having a Voting Element to the Cow Day, which the winner will get a giftcard.  Well My friends I am asking YOU.  To take the few moments it takes to vote in this contest.  It seems its locked to once per browser per computer/device.  So if you think the efforts to keep you up to date etc, is worth the less than 40 seconds it would take you to vote, I would much appreciate it.

Click the Below Image to go to the site and do the vote big.  I'm way behind, and I think with your help we can defeat all those who dare challenge the BumbleCow!

Only you can prevent forest fires.  And only you can help me get the chickens.

Farmville 2 Announced, Is the sky falling?

Well Today at the Zynga Unleashed event.  Farmville 2 was announced.  Which looks amazingly identical to the "Big Harvest" Game.  So has the sky fallen?  Are we all going to be forced to play Farmville 2 and give up on the YEARS of our lives we put into Farmville?



The easy answer: Mafia Wars and Mafia Wars 2 are both out there.  I could easily foresee FV and FV2 being playable, for awhile.


You can check out the Farmville 2 Fan page at:

My Apology for the day, and why…

In the past 30ish Months, I have Done everything in my power to provide you people with the best news, and info.  For 30th months I juggled, my family life, being homeless, being a full time college student, being broke, and having a number of health complications.  In the 30ish months, what have I asked for from people?  What have I gave?  How much is enough to deserve the chance to ask for help when it is needed? 


So When the site was in danger of closing up, I posted about it, and some people helped.  When I had a chance to maybe win a few contests to help with my food budget, I posted about it.  Oh by the way for those keeping track at home, I'm still without one.

But  Debby Turner

Has pointed out the flaw in my logic…

Faith in Humanity, semi-restored. Not Farmville Game Related.

So one of the perks of being Bob, is that people, Kinda don't hate me.  Well Some do, but this isn't a post about them.

Here are a few examples of Epicness that is some of the Community/Family…

1) I'm trying to win a contest for a deli, so one of the epic folks out there in Texas, sent me gift cards to said deli.  I have to say, Was unexpected, and greatly appreciated.  

2) The other day someone text messaged me demanding to know what sort of Cookies I like, and Well Nutter Butters, are like Epic… So BOOM in the mail a few days later SOME COOKIES.  Hachie Machie!

3) Its well known of my love of the Beef Jerky, and Bumblebees, and Mario…  And to a lesser Extent Luigi.  Check the mail, and I find, Beef Jerky, plus figures of Mario and Luigi in their Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bumblebee Costumes.  Woo!

4) EVEN more folks have sent the jerky, one person even made some!  And I ate it very quickly, was epic tasty. 

5) A bunch of folks have chipped in to help keep the site afloat, and help with upgrades to things, and its just beyond humbling. 

6) My Love of Star Wars is pretty well known, and I also am a huge fan of El Señor Cara de Patata, so a quality human being, actually sent me the 3 missing ones from my set! 

7) I've been beyond blessed to have got to known just a large quantity of people that I am proud to know, and call friend.

The Birthday "card" from last year, ranks up there pretty high on my list of favoritest things, ever ever.

If you know of what I speak, then you know of what I speak, but if you don't, then yep you guessed it, you don't know.

If You did something, and I didnt highlight your efforts above, its not because I hate you, its because My memory is not so good these days, college makes one tired.  Toss on the "known hardships" of my life, then that makes it harder, then toss on even more the stress of the site, its amazing I still remember how to Devin.