Expected Leaderboards for this Week

So This weeks expected Leaderboard quests are…  Well before I tell you, be aware this is accurate as of the time I post it, and the Leaderboard changes on Wednesday around 1:00.  Of course they could change things, so dont Yell at me if they do..  Check out what we expect after the jump

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Mother’s Day, Words from Bob.

So in a number of the countries in the world it is Mother's Day! 
Also this has Zero To do with Farmville so ignore if you are not down for such things.

I can say that I've not been the best son to my mother.  But my Mom is such a quality person she didn't disown me any of the 100s of times she likely would have been well within sanity to do so. 

My mom went above and beyond to provide for the family.  For many years she worked very hard at a local university, then came home to help her boys with schoolwork, even had a fairly large flower and vegetable garden.  Even with all that was on her plate, she still made it to all of the various school activities.  She even got me court side tickets to see an NBA game between the Spurs and Hornets.  She tireless took care of my grandmother for a number of years, while still doing EVERYTHING else.  Then she retired and STILL did everything else, and is still doing it all to this day.  Grandma is over 100 years old and Mom is still on top of everything.

Frankly if in a day I do half as much as stuff as my Mom does, I've accomplished quite a bit.  She is an inspiration in the way she does things.


Basically my Mom is a good nice person who I think did beyond words good with raising me.

Also I offered to buy my Mom whatever food she wanted for Mother's Day, Instead she spent part of the day Cooking her own Mother's Day Meal.  (Newsflash from the city: Mom's food beats whatever I could have purchased)

So Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers.  I have said I believe Mother's deserve more than just one day, so hopefully all the Moms out there today know some happiness.

And to the folks that have lost their Mother/Grandmother/etc you have my condolences and thoughts.  I am truly saddened by such events.