Confirmed Leaderboards for this Week


So This weeks expected Leaderboard quests are…  Well before I tell you, be aware this is accurate as of the time I post it, and the leaderboard changes about 1:00 PM Eastern or so. Check out what we expect after the jump Read more…

Free Farm Cash, From Me to you, Of Course there is a catch, lols

Boom, Some farm cash for free.  But you gotta do a little bit of work.

I'm giving you the code, Minus 3 of the letters/numbers.  You have to guess the right combination of missing letters and numbers inserted into the ones I give you, to win the cash!

Easy as pie.  AND If its too hard!  In 5 Hours After the Fan Page Post I'll give one of the missing Letters/Numbers, then in another 5 after that Another Missing one, then in 3 days if no one has got it, I'll just post the full code, and whoever sees it first wins.

So Firstly click on the Redeem Tab on your game:
On that screen click the choice for Hasbro Games:

Here is your incomplete code, where the ? marks are is where the missing letters/Numbers Go:

If you are the first to figure out the missing bits, you will get this screen and can add 20 cash to your account.

If you do guess it, I'd very much like if you said thanks.  I mean I wont know WHO redeems it, but I will be able to tell if its been redeemed.

I will fan page post this at 9:00 PM Eastern, so if you check the site on your own, you will get almost a 6 hour head start.

Next Wednesday another Code will be gave away in a Similar but different manner.  If you are super lucky, You can win them all!