Return to the Jade Falls Quest Guide, Text Version

So in case you missed it, there is a new reason to go to the Jade Falls, a new questline, Hoo-ray!

You got till 12/7/2012 to do this if you choose.


This is the up to date info as of now, they have changed this one a whole bunch lately:


Task #1: Get 6 Silkworms, Harvest 30 Unagi, Make 6 Takoyaki
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Black Dragon Tree

Task #2: Get 7 Bamboo Boxes, Harvest 45 Baby Corn, Make 6 Ikura Nigiri
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Samurai Crab
Task #3: Harvest 35 Imperial Tea, Harvest Samurai Crab 2 Times, Make 6 Oolong Tea
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Turbo Chargers
Task #4: Get 8 Gauze Pads, Harvest 60 Water Cress, Master Samurai Crab 1-star
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Parasol Tree 2
Task #5: Harvest 40 Sticky Rice, Harvest 40 Jade Bamboo, Make 6 Chow Mein
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Mystery Game Dart
Task #6: Get 8 Mulberry Leaves, Harvest 60 Prawns, Make 8 Kimchi
Rewards: ZP, Jade, Giant Silkmoth

Task #7: Get 8 Bamboo Frames, Harvest 60 Imperial Rice, Make 8 Congee
Rewards: Zp, Jade, Chinese Cobra

Task #8: Harvest 100 Horseradish, Harvest Chinese Cobra 3 Times, Make 10 Bibimbap
Rewards Zp, Jade, Xp Book

Task #9: Get 24 Boiling Kettles, Harvest 100 Pearl Barley, Master Chinese Cobra to 1-Star
Rewards: Zp, Jade, Wutong Tree,