A Humble Request, to help a friend with horrible eyesight.

So friends, someone who has been a supporter of this site, and more importantly my friend for what seems like years (I recall we may have went to high school together), has asked that I request you folks to assist her in what is one of her life goals.  Her eyesight isn't so well, and a local vision place has offered on Facebook FREE LASIK…  Well I'm saying that this person is very deserving of the simple act of clicking like on her photo, that is all you have to do. 

I believe whenever it's possible to do something nice, and it is simple, it should be done.  So please click the below photo, and click like on it. 

Click me, Change someone's Life, Be Awesome.

Click me, Change someone's Life, Be Awesome.


Thank you for your time.

Funfact, if not for the person I speak of above, the site would have closed in mid 2010.  Just saying.