Haunted Hollow Chapter 2 Quest Guide

09/24/2012 After 1:10 pm EST

As always, subject to change before release, everything is accurate as of time of posting

Part 1 Tasks:

Ask For 6 Steel Garden Gloves

Harvest Sage 20

Craft Nightshade Sherbert 2 (you will need 4 zombies, 4 tombstones, and 4 sugar cane bushels)

Rewards: XP 150, Spiny Plant Monster, Coins 3000

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Maybe Jade Falls Chapter 16 Quest Guide, Text Version

Special note, no one really knows if Chapter 16 in its current form will be the "final quest" that Zynga promised to start on the 24th.  So you can use the below stuff to maybe plan something.  Who knows, hard to say, will keep an eye on it.

Note: Like Everything This is Accurate as of the time of its posting, if things Change It will be updated.   Tips posts mostly are dead because people suck.  Read more…