Jade Falls Chapter 15 Quest Guide, Text Version

Note: Like Everything This is Accurate as of the time of its posting, if things Change It will be updated.   Starts at 1 Pm on Monday.  Tips Post will happen maybe if there is enough interest.

Task 1: Get 6 Mineral Paints, Harvest 30 Baby Corn, Craft 2 Moon Cakes
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Lucky Koi

Task 2: Get 8 Palettes, Harvest 12 Unagi, Harvest Lucky Koi 2 Times
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Dragon Statue

Task 3: Get 8 Stone Chisels, Harvest 35 Bok Choy, Craft 3 Takoyaki
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Fringe Tree

Task 4: Get 8 Mets, Harvest 30 Water Cress, Craft 4 Hot & Sour Eggplants
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Swimming Panda Bear

Task 5: Get 9 Ink Bottles, Harvest 40 Water Chestnut, Harvest Any 6 Jade Animal Buildings
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Umbrella Tree

Task 6: Get 10 Brushes, Harvest 40 Green Onions, Master Lucky Koi to level 1
  Reward: Jade Coins, Zp, Dwarf Flying Squirrel