Finding Your Happy, A suggestion to make the game more entertaining.

People like glooming and dooming so much about Farmville.  Too many Quests, not enough coins, not enough coin items, too many cash items, not enough turtals, etc etc.. Someone in a comment on the site the other day seemed awful excited about the hope of a new farm, and just in general weren't enraged by Farmville and actually find it fun.  The end of their comment said something about "Let's Go Farming" or some such, and Frankly that sounds just about as good as anything else. 

Farmville=Game, Game=Fun, Notfun=NotGame,

So If having to do X to get Y is making you unhappy, Find your Happy, Do what you like.  If Quests are what make you enjoy the game, You so are currently likely happy.  Quests out the wazoo.  If you dig crazy trees, well guess what boom like 30+ level one trees a month easily.  Dig the Blooms, well buckle up darlin, they are gonna keep happening.  But if your Happy is the Turtals, well Zynga hates the Turtal, (They keep taunting me with the Slider…)

If every thing Farmville is FORCING you to do stuff you dont wanna do. (note, they are not forcing you to build Master Lu's Study, or the Unicorn Island, or the Dog House, or the Dino Lab..)

DONT DO IT.  If you long for the days when it was just about planting crops, shaking the trees, and milking the animals.  DO THAT!  You can go all sorts of Basic Farmer on it.  Ignore the Quest Icons, Ignore the Building Prompts!  Just PPH All day every day!

Anyway, as we reach the 2/3rds way done of the year, and come into our Fourth Winter Holiday Season on the Farmville, Plus I've realized that its been right at 3 years that I've been telling folks about Farmville doings.  With the Site 3nd Birthday being in Jan of 2013.  I really enjoy bringing you folks the news, and tips and just helping make this simple but complex game more entertaining.

So Find what makes you enjoy the game, and do it.

And if what you like about the game is the time when you don't have it loaded.  Maybe You know what that means.