So Let’s talk about the outlook of the site. spoiler alert: It’s fairly poor.

So It's came to my attention some people do not realize
that new posts ARE BELOW THIS. 
This will stay sticky'ed for a bit.  So scroll down.

I had typed a post up with a bunch of graphs and technological gibberish.

But I deleted all that and will say this.

Show Love to the site, FOR FREE by Commenting on Posts, Commenting on Fan Page Posts, Sharing Posts, and Liking the posts on the Fanpage.

I don't mean just once in a while do those things, but semi often.  If you want you can do it everytime.

An unloved site goes away.  Its as simple as this.

Want to keep getting info?
Are you at least semi Fond of your friendly guide Bob?

All you have to do is the above.

Hate Bob, then just keep looking at the content without interacting, and before long there will not be a site.

The more love for the Site, the more things I can do for folks, aka More info, contests, etc. 

If the site is gone, no more info, no more contests, no more bumblebee photos. 

Simple as that.