Long time Friend of the site Craigers Sent in this story.

"I was just at cust support complaining about my issues, and the agent gave me a very special thing!  She said this was coming out soon for 25 cash but I could have it early.  I can now move stuff between my Home Farm, Lighthouse Cove, and England!  I asked when the Wonderland would be included and she said it would be a few weeks/months.  I had to email you Bob and fvnation because you are the reason I still play because of how great you are to us players.  Thank you for being the best.  Your friend Craigers PS: Roll Tide! Roll fvnation!"


Well We can confirm the info does suggest it will be 25 Farmcash, and allow you to move stuff from the LHC to your other farms that have storage transfer.  AKA Home Farm by default, and then England if you completed the quests or purchased access.


This is epic news and here are the photos he included.

This could even be starting to slow roll out, I am not totally sure!  Because I'm traveling at the moment, but I had to stop at McDonald's to make this post.  Mcdonald's The Sponsor of at least 2 dozen FvNation Posts over the years.