THE FARMAGEDDON!!! Aka The Farmville Sale

Yes... I know.

Yes... I know.


As of 11:07 PM, The Sale is still on.  50% off All Farmville Farmcash Halloween Items.

We are talking about this in the Fvnation Chat and will talk about it till it happens, so come on by


So why is a Sale called the Farmageddon?

Well in short some players of Farmville will feel like their world has Ended.

I will elaborate more in moment.

So Who is getting their Feelings hurt?  Well those farmers that bought all the stuff at full price, only to feel slighted once they go on sale, This is normal human nature, to feel like you've had the wool pulled over your eyes when something for 50 dollars Goes on sale for 25.  But in The real world Halloween Stuff goes on sale November 1, but those are Physical tangible goods that are generally needing to be sold for whatever possible.  Farmville is Virtual there is no tangible goods, so there is no reason for a sale, other than to offer stuff to farmers with less money.  This is a good thing!  But Zynga is risking alienating their Hardcore buyers that already spent the money on items before the sale.  This is a bad thing.

As we get closer to the Sale, there is still a chance it will be canceled, and then the only people that get their feelings hurt are the buyers that have heard the rumors of a sale.  Which is very bad.  As we've stated so far since the first mention of the sale, this is early info that MAY change before 12:00 EST November 1 Est.  More as we know it.

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